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If I was Kate Middleton and I’m a runner…

I had this crazy idea on my way home: What if Kate Middleton's a runner?

I know, I know. Everybody’s waiting for the Royal Wedding.

Even me.

Why not? Aside from it’s the news everywhere, my parents told me that I was few months old when Prince Charles and Princess Diana wed.

Sheesh, had they married a year earlier, the Prince and I would have been a good match (I like men to be older than me, but that’s another story).

But as I was journeying back home from work, I thought: What if I was Kate? What if during the course of my life, I found both my Prince AND running? What if I’m a runner AND a future princess?
If I was Kate Middleton and I’m a runner…

…Part of my morning ritual would be running at five ‘o clock in the morning – before I go to work (and once a princess, before I start my royal duties).

…I would not have tried any kind of diet – I’ll just lace up and run. Oh, I could eat anything my heart so desired.

…I would have requested that part of my royal staff is a running coach.

…I would ask Her Royal Majesty that my birthday be celebrated with a Royal Family Run (run my age, my Queen).

…I would have an official singlet, with the name “Mrs. William Arthur Philip Louis Mountbatten-Windsor” written on it (no need to collect singlets for me!).

…I would have volunteered to join the 2012 London Olympics as a marathon athlete, so that I could also scream “God save the Queen!” at the end of the 26.2 mile mark. I doubt if I would get a medal, though.

…But most of all, my love story would have been different.

It would have been a match made at the starting line.

He would have asked me, “Give me a very logical reason why you run,” and I would patiently tell it to him.

I would have long convinced my Prince to run.

He would have said a surrendering “yes” to my nth invitation to run in the fields.

And as he catches his breath for his first run, he would have given a gaze – with beaming eyes and naughty grin. With that I would have known – he has fallen in love with running, too.

We would have joined races that would benefit our causes – education and health.

We would have spent a combined distance of close to 143,000 miles, bought running shoes together, snatched each Runner’s World UK issue from each other, traveled the world to run (incognito), painstakingly did drills, and shared quiet weekends of long distance runs.

Maybe by now, he would have already run his first marathon; or run his age.

It would have been lovely to think that I watched him as he crossed every finish line.

But no, it would have been way better to pace him.

Then maybe, I could have asked him to run 10K in thirty minutes before I have given my hand for marriage (and put that ring on it, which I would have found very heavy when running, but he would have insisted for me to just wear it).

And on my wedding day, as the whole world gazed at my wedding dress, I would control my giggles, for nobody would know that underneath the glamour, I’m wearing a pair of the most sustainable and environment-friendly running shoes to date. It’s not new anymore; although I would have bought it a month ago, I would have done test runs with it (something old, something new).

Oh I would give up riding that carriage from Westminster Abbey to Buckingham Palace for my first run with my Prince to forever – it’s only 1.02K, anyway.

I’m sure Her Royal Majesty wouldn’t mind.

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