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I met Jeff Galloway! Pinch me.

The Olympian and the beginner runner.
I did not know anything about Jeff Galloway before this.

It was a blessing that I am still trying to return from a layoff that I got to come across the Running Guru.

It's been two months since The Jeff Galloway Method seminar, but until now, I'm still blown away about his passion for running.

I am amazed at how he gave advices to us participants; how he answered our questions.

I am humbled by the experience of meeting him. I'm in heaven.

I learned a lot from him and it made me really commit myself to coming back to the roads.

And even if my comeback run was again delayed, it's okay with me.

As long as I have my sights to the finish line, I'd get there soon.

And I'm not dreaming.

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