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Who, Me? A Running Addict?

(PeñaRUNzi backtrack: I wrote this last January 19, 2011.)
 “You’re a running addict,” my nurf (non-running friend, let’s call her Ms. Having Vertical and Horizontal Issues) told me once.

I couldn’t blame her – for the first few minutes after she asked how I am, I told her how ecstatic I am in the next running events that I’ll be joining.

I can’t say that I already eat and breathe running.

I’m not a sports hoarder, too. I am not the type who checks the entire latest running gadget my eyes could lay upon (but I confess to imagining myself having my OWN sports store).

I just want to continue to be in this new state of being – there’s something new in me that I’m always excited to tell the world.

For the first time in my life, I am moving.

So this is to confirm the rumors: I am not a running addict.

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