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To prove to you how crazy I am about running, I have bookmarked these websites.
They make my heart pound every time there is something new in their sites.

No, they’re not boys (although my heart do pound for them, too).

These are the sites about running that I have glued on for the past months since I have been introduced to running.

I don’t miss a beat every time I click on either Mozilla, Chrome, Opera, and Internet Explorer icons.

And I could say that they have made my running life easier.

Here they are in random order:

1. – I got surprised with the website title the first time I heard it, because it’s… well, the Filipino word for “run.” I have to say, I owe a lot to this site for knowing where and when to run. I also realized that it is really possible to have eight running events in different areas in the country in one day – thanks to this site.

2. – I heard of Rio because of last year’s The Rexona Run, where I did my first 5K. Since then, I started checking out this website. The logo of the Afroman is enough to keep me hooked – no wonder even kids run with a wig.

3. – I really thought the owner was a guy – a ‘matador.’ Not only I learned that she’s  a SHE; I learned more running terms as well (and I got to meet her too!)

4. Runner’s – the bible to runners. I thank the running gods that I get to learn everything about running in the website without me spending US $1 for every issue. In this site, I have discovered exercises for cross training, the different types of gait, and even how to tie my knots.

5. – another site to check if you want more in-depth details of races. I get here images of the singlet designs (which is a contributing factor for me joining a race. C’mon, I’m a woman; I need to make sure I look good in that shirt) and race maps.

Think my feet are the only ones doing the runs? Think again.

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