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As if my knee sprain is not enough, I'm about to have colds as well.

I am looking forward for a fruitful weekend before the Holy Week - I agreed to join the medical mission of my friends (the invitation immediately came when I can no longer join the RWTL Marshals Team).

I am to attend my first therapy session for my knee sprain.

Then squeeze myself to meet and greet fashion peeps Nigel Barker and J Alexander.

Then, I felt my nose silently hosting colds - today.

Little by little, I am feeling that I am again in the same situation few months ago: I want to lay down on my bed, put many pillows on top of each other, my nose trying to take in any oxygen that it can, and sleep.

It's official: I am not feeling well.

It's the time in my life when I want to say "Darn it!It's here again." But it's not me. Also, saying that won't do much to make me better.

It is in these days when I really miss running.

I'm thinking that had I not been slightly injured (just a sprain, thank God!), I would have been running for all I care.

And the viruses won't be keeping up with me.

But then again, I am not feeling well.

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