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It's Knee Sprain.
“I think it’s just knee sprain,” the doctor said after checking my left knee. My visit to the rehab doctor happened two weeks after my 5K trial run.

He gave me a pain reliever (that could only be taken if my knee still hurts) and four therapy sessions.

I had two conflicting feelings.

First feeling: Relief. It’s only knee sprain – not any major injury. Give me that four therapy sessions and I’ll be back in time for my target run – Greentennial.

Second feeling: Disappointment. Over myself and over my situation. Another injury again?

I know it’s Holy Week, but let me rant.

I have been a very good runner.

I follow the rules.

Never did I intend to be a bandit – not even in the future.

I treat other runners fairly – I pass them in a correct and proper manner. I run at the sides because I know I’m a slow runner, so as not to irate the fast runners in the road that are with me.

I do not stay at the finish line to have my pictures taken. I immediately get out of the way for other finishing runners.

When in line for the portalet, I wait for my turn.

I don't get lots of sports drinks or bottled water in the water stations (like, duh).


Why do I feel like I am always starting my race – and I don’t get to finish it?



Sometimes, venting out is good.

For now, Project: Comeback Run is temporarily suspended. But I know it won’t be that long.

I’m so blessed to have ONLY knee sprain.

Give me that therapy. I’m raving to lace up.

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