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The truth about how I envy Manny Pacquiao.
In this moment of crunch time, I envy boxing champion Manny Pacquiao.

Err, no, I’m not planning to be a boxer (although months ago, I tried looking for boxing gyms as I contemplated on taking it for cross train).

You see, as I am writing this, he’s already in Las Vegas to acclimatize – a week before his fight with Shane Mosley.

Let’s flash back to a month ago.

I was raving to go back on the road after my vertigo bout. When I heard the Pacquiao was in Baguio for the start of his training (he did running and drills!), I thought, “Hey, I could calendar my Project: Comeback Run (5K in 30 minutes), too. As he adds more hours in his training, I’ll be logging in more miles on mine. It’s like training side by side with the world’s greatest!”

What a cool motivation.

And so I pinned my training schedule on my bulletin board. And on my dream board, a declaration: Greentennial Run – 5K in 30 minutes.


But then, a day after the 5K trial run that I did, my knees hurt.

It ached when I went up the stairs.


Then, it was confirmed: knee sprain equals four therapy sessions.


A month ago, I was picturing myself: I’m in good condition for a 5K trial run (I thought of joining a fun run), as Pacquiao is in the peak of his training.

And so there was Pacquiao – getting unstoppable as ever in his training; and here I am, scheduled to undergo my first therapy session.

Such is life.

But I’m not declaring a knock out yet.

It’s true: Pacquiao has logged in training hours more than I could manage, but I know that I will be well – sooner or later.

I will be attending all my therapy sessions.

I will listen to what my knees are saying.

I will be better.

If boxing has taught Pacquiao to be resilient and disciplined, running has taught me that, too – plus patience.

So as I hear his fight over the radio on Sunday (We don’t subscribe to cable TV; we also don’t watch his fights live in the cinemas. See, that’s patience), I’ll be lying on my bed with my knees (and legs) up.

Pacquaio and I may be on different boats. But one thing’s for sure: we will NEVER SAY NEVER.

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