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Papa P and me – in Runner’s World

Hot summer! Blame him.

Since I’m subscribed to the Runner’s World Philippines Facebook page, I have been warned that their cover will make the summer hotter.

Blame Papa P.

But still, I almost jumped for love when I got my subscriber’s copy (my first for a sports mag!).

And not only was I looking forward to Papa P.

Writing blog posts or staring at him? Geesh, it's so hard to choose...

I was also excited to see the picture that I took in one of its pages (please see previous blog post).

Well, the picture that I took wasn’t there. Maybe it was part of the scrapped pages.

No sobbing here. Because what I saw was the Runner’s World Running Clinic Group in SM Mall of Asia.

Hey, that was us!

I'm in a sports mag!
It put a smile on my face.

There were other running clinic groups in R.O.X. and Ultra. But it was our picture that was placed in the magazine.

I was still smiling when I closed the magazine.

I saw Papa P again.

Hhm, I don’t know, but I’m feeling we’re meant to be running side by side – soon?

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