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Runner's World asked permission from me to use a picture I took during the Runner's World Running Clinic.

I took the picture after the two-day clinic (it was fun!)

In the picture were two of my new runner friends (let's call them the Sprint Sisters). No, they aren't really sisters; they both work in the same office.

And just like me, they were happy to have a running clinic in SM Mall of Asia, which is nearer for us than any other running place.

At the center is Runner's World Phils EIC Marie Calica. She's very friendly and accommodating. I remembered she was so happy when we told her that we were thankful for the running clinic (hope there's another one!).

So, let's go back to the real story.

When I opened my Facebook, Runner's World Managing Editor Angel asked permission for the picture to be  included in the April 2011 issue of RW Phils.

I was ecstatic! It would be cool to have my shot in the mag; it would be heaven to share the fun that I experienced.

So I said "Yes." As long as they will acknowledge the owner.

Permission granted. :)

I can't wait for the April 2011 issue. So excited I signed up for a one-year subscription.

Hay, running...

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