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I learned about DEDICATION and FOCUS last Easter Sunday from Triathlete, Drew Arellano.
I have been trying to follow Game!, the sports show in GMA News TV (trying because I still do forget what time it starts).

So last Sunday, while trying to condition myself that tomorrow is Monday (trying because I still don't want Monday to come - blame the long vacation), I switched on the remote and found the show.

They were interviewing Drew Arellano. Not as a celebrity, but as a triathlete.

He passionately talked about how he got into triathlon, how he feels about the training, his Ironman Australia experience, and how he manages his time.

He said that if one really loves what he's doing, one will not find time to do it. A person just has to DO it. An hour of free time on his taping day would mean an hour of running.

What struck me was when he said that ANYBODY can do Ironman. More than the low impact of the triathlon (biking and swimming parts), he said that DEDICATION and FOCUS will make one succeed.


Such empowering words on Easter Sunday.

Fresh start, new beginnings.

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