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Wo-oh. I think I just created my first ever blog mistake.

Few posts ago, I showed my new - and correct - running shoes.

Oops, my mistake. This is New Balance 870, not 760 as I have previously posted.
It's not New Balance 760, but New Balance 870.

Forgive me for that.

Blame the numbers. Since I don't really love since I was a kid, I get to confuse and rumble them sometimes.

So let me correct myself again - mine is NB 870 (to see review for this shoe, click here,,s6-240-325-329-0-0-0-0-1928,00.html ).

Where in heavens did I get 760?

Oh I remember!

I was reading the Jan-Feb 2011 issue of The BullRunner magazine and I spotted one of the shoes featured in a page.

It got my eyes because it's colorful.

When I read it, it was New Balance 760 Night Race Rainbow Park Edition, a stability shoe and is best worn if runs are done during the night (check it out here

I wanted to have that at first because it was fun to look at (sheesh, the woman in me...).

But then I found out that it was a bit expensive than NB 870.

So I told myself I'll buy it next time.

But I hope not to do an erratum of myself the next time.

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