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Meet my new friend, Bengay.

Due to the ache that I'm still feeling on my left knee, I was advised by Michigan Runner and another friend (let's call her Nice Maldita) to buy it.

I wanted not to, because it's expensive.

And to top that, I had a crazy time buying it.

When I went to a drugstore to purchase one, it took me a total of 20 minutes before I got it.

The drugstore does not have a system on getting the purchases of its customers. Imagine, I got there first among some, but the personnel got their orders first!

I wanted to really give up on Bengay.

But then, as I stood up waiting for my turn, I felt my knees aching again, as if telling me to be patient.

And so I got my Bengay. I asked my mom to apply it starting from my back up to legs. I applied on my knees.

Man, it was so cool!

All of a sudden, I forgot how long it took me to buy it.

And even though I still have a bad feeling about my knee (I'm sensing it could actually be another injury), I'm happy I found a new friend.

It's going to stick with me - grease-less and ultra strength.

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