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Cross Train – Part 1

Reading up for cross train? Not bad!

“Cross train by reading up,” that’ what our RunDAMENTALS Coach (and his caring wife) told me in an SMS after they learned that I might have hurt my left knee.

Since during those times, I feel the ache on my knee, I had no choice but to heed their advice.

Moreover, summer’s here. I realized that I need to re-charge the brain cells for two months.

The running gods answered me.

Number one: Runner’s World Philippines’ April to June 2011 issue (with Piolo Pascual on the cover) was delivered to our office. Being the first stand-alone issue, the magazine is thicker than ever.

Number two: back issues of Runner’s World Philippines’ January 2011 (Javy and Hannah Olives on the cover) and Women’s Health Philippines’ January 2011 (Congressman Lucy Torres-Gomez) also arrived after one week.

Wow! I got my cross train covered!

So far, I’m done with the two Runner’s World mags (back to back – okay, I passed the food and weight loss part). I’m beginning to read Women’s Health when I stumbled upon my e-mail; with a link on ChiRunning (then I also searched for Jeff Galloway and so on).

My running shoes may have been parked for a while (but not forevah!), but I’m having a grand time doing my cross training.

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