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Look, mate! It's Aussie sand!

Aussie sand!

My friend, Ms. Having Vertical and Horizontal Issues, brought home a bag of beach sand from Perth, Australia. She spent her New Year 2011 there.

I remembered her telling me that it’s so hot in Perth, but the beach water is freezing cold. “I’ll bring sand for you,” she said during our Gmail chat.

Hhmm, looks like Santa sent me parts of the beach.

After four months, she was able to give to me. I was expecting just a tiny bit of sand, just like the souvenir items that are done and sold from Boracay Island in Aklan. Lo and behold, I saw the sand placed in a re-sealable plastic bag – all pure, all, well, sand.

I jumped for joy. Aussie sand! I could place it in a pot and I could say that I have been to Australia!

Okay, you may roll on the floor and laugh.

As an appreciation, my mother prepared a sanctuary for the sand. She poured the sand in an empty chocolate container. Then, she placed my collected shells one by one. I got the shells from Palawan, Boracay, and Cebu.


It was like summer (and the beach) came to our home.

The beach sanctuary’s not actually telling me to remove my running shoes and jump into the water.

As I felt the sand into my hands, it was as if it was telling me, “When will you run in Australia?”

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