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Project: Comeback Run starts today.

At least 99 percent of running is just showing up, getting out there and putting one foot in front of the other. - John Hanc, The Essential Runner
I am calling it Project: Comeback Run.

This time, I do not only want to finish my third 5K run. I challenged myself to finish it under 30 minutes.

It got me thinking a few days ago: with the lower back pain injury that I had before, isn't it too much to push myself immediately?

But then I told myself, "If I will only finish my third 5K, then there's nothing special about it."

I will subject myself to an eight-week training to push myself to another level.

I believe that if I will be able to reach my goal, I will again believe that I can do other things.

I will be able to reach a goal of running my first 10K.

Then a 16K.

Or maybe jump at 21K.

Then finally, my first marathon (at least in my lifetime).

Then, I would be able to put running and travel together.

Camarines Sur, Boracay, Cebu, Singapore, Boston, New York, Athens.

Wow. That's a wonderful vision.

I'm excited to start.

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