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This is where my comeback run will happen.

My sights are in for Greentennial Run. No, not the 21K (not yet)...

I have started my training, thanks to the RunDAMENTALS Running Clinic in Alabang Town Center.

My body again is feeling the pain of training.

Hey, no pain, no gain, right?

Anyway, I chose this event to have my comeback run for two reasons.

One, this is the running event after my Hong Kong trip.

I promised to focus myself on my out-of-the-country trip first before going back to the roads.

Second, I am a LaSallian. I graduated in DLSU-D.

Being a LaSallian, I support its advocacy to educate youth.

Proceeds to this run will go to OneLaSalle Scholarship.

I got eight weeks to prepare.

No more turning back.

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