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Cross Train Part 2

Who said that cross training only meant exercising during non-running/rest days?

A few weeks ago, I met my running and non-running friends for an afternoon of stories, catching up, eating, laughs, and fun. I got to join them because I took a leave from work for my thyroid check up (News flash: the doctor gave positive news: my TSH level is still in its normal level, and she hopes that the nodules will get smaller and smaller until it’s gone!)

After the check up, I joined them for a late lunch. I planned to leave for home after, but Queen of the Road wanted us to stay for a bonding in dinnertime. Why not?

So few minutes before dinnertime, we were inside the car, speeding on a fine pace inside BF Homes. Aside from the Queen of the Road, Cheerful Fighter, Ms. New Med Coor, and Michigan Runner joined us (Michigan Runner was sporting a Nike Lunar Haze – too bad I forgot to take a picture of his new running buddy). Too bad Daddy Friend of Mine and Coach Kulit couldn’t join us – but they completed our afternoon chats and laughs.

One of the most unforgettable anecdotes on the road was when Ms. New Med Coor said she wanted to look for another place nearer for her work (she just got promoted). We advised her not to look for a new space anymore, but instead start running to and from her current place. Michigan Runner, who has long projected the miles from Ms. New Med Coor’s rented place to her area of work, said that it is just a total of 3K. I immediately blurted out, “Wow, that’s 3K in the morning and 3K in the afternoon. 6K of run every day’s not bad!”

Queen of the Road said she was surprised – I’m a new person. “You don’t think about that before,” she added.


We ate at Countryside Steakhouse (Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes). Laughing never stopped because we ordered the same food and drinks. And who could ever forget Cheerful Fighter’s innocent take on our stories? (Really, “Bisaya” and “May sayad” may be a rhyme, but it doesn’t make any sense. And before others could react differently, it’s just that Cheerful Fighter didn’t hear the stories correctly.)

Same order for all - pork steak and lemonade. Happy is the waiter who served us...

A few minutes visit to the nearby church (Presentation of the Child Jesus Parish) and Panaderia Pantoja (food again?!) ended our bonding dinner.

One for the books! (from right) PeñaRUNzi, Ms. New Med Coor, Cheerful Fighter, Queen of the Road, and Michigan Runner smile before dinner..

We parted ways with one thing on our minds – that bonding was one for the books.

Cross training’s not just about drills (especially if you have knee sprain like me). It’s also about being thankful for the small miracles of life and strengthening the ties of friendship.

And lots of carbo loading (sheesh).

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