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Barefoot Faith

(PeñaRUNzi backtrack: I wrote this blog post last January 11, 2011.)

Barefoot faith. I got to take this shot in Light Railway Transit (LRT). They were allowed to ride that day - even without shoes.
Takbo Manileño. I took note of this before the start of the Mass.
Berso sa Tren posted on LRT trains.

If you’re a runner, you have heard about barefoot running.

But barefoot faith?

I was a witness to this last January 9, 2011.

I heard my mother’s plan to go to Quiapo Church, since the flock of people will be in the Quirino Grandstand for the Feast of the Black Nazarene. Since she wasn’t feeling well, I volunteered to accompany her.

After agreeing on the wake up time, it dawned on me: This is the one of the most anticipated feasts of Catholics in the Philippines.

I almost forgot that Christmas season won’t be complete without this.

I have always watched the Feast of Black Nazarene on the tube. In spite of this, it never failed to give me goose bumps.

But being there, live on the church where it’s kept, I was in awe.

I saw flock of people full of hope.

I saw most of them with no sandals or shoes, but full of faith.

For others, it is faith that makes them do it every year – and probably, up until their last breath. Some look at it at fanaticism; too much of everything. Why take the risk of rushing to an icon, touching it, and jumping on a mosh pit of people you don’t even know?

It’s something that I never (and will never) try to explain for now.

But one thing’s for sure – it made me look at how I live my faith.

I have been thinking about trying barefoot running. I want to take risks.

But am I willing to go barefoot for what I believe in?

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