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Not Counted

(PeñaRUNzi backtrack: I wrote this last January 19, 2011.)

PROLOGUE: I immediately signed up for the Runner’s World Running Clinic after seeing it in their Facebook page. I sent details through e-mail and by calling one branch of a store sponsor. Alas, I didn’t see my name on the list.

I received an e-mail from Runner’s World Philippines, informing me that I wasn’t accommodated as a participant for their upcoming weekend running clinic. According to the e-mail, slots have been filled.

It was an e-mail that I have been expecting for days.

But not that response.

I was not counted - and I am not ashamed to say that I felt bad.

Joining a running clinic is one of the goals that I listed down for this year. I felt I needed to attend one so that I could one, prevent more unnecessary injuries and two, go back from the layoff.

Not being counted means I will still on my own in my race – without anybody telling me if I’m on the right track – literally.

But then I realized: I have the Internet as my ally. I could immediately look for other running clinics.

Or better yet, I could look for exercises that could help me for my runs.

With self-learning (for now), I think I will be able to get over this disappoint fast – and still be on schedule for my running goals this year.

And so I will again rely on my constant ally, with a little help from courage and self-reliance, and little bit of research, I know I’d be able to do this on my own – until I get accommodated to the next running clinic schedule.

Hey, I wasn’t really not counted, after all.

EPILOGUE: A day after the scheduled running clinic, I got an SMS confirming my slot. I was surprised that I even called to make sure I made it. I attended the two-day running session.

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