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I have watched the movie Cars twice.

On TV.
It was, yes, another cartoon movie from Pixar (for those who really know me, you know that I prefer watching cartoon movies than watch Filipino romantic movies. No offense...)

I don't know how to drive. It's still considered as one of my goals in life. But I love the cars in the car races. Case in point: I have a collection of Ferrari key chain cars in the house (no kid has ever touched them or they will be banished and be thrown to Neverland.)

Beyond the cuteness of the movie, I fell in love with its theme -family and friendship.

Famous Lightning McQueen, all of a sudden in a once-known stopover Radiator Springs, got stucked in repaving the road.

Through repaving the road, he got to meet new friends, and eventually, a family.

Ever since I started running (and even before), my family and friends have always been there for anything and everything under the sun. They are the ones who have supported and got me through happiness, trials, and some shenanigans.

And I know that they do smile on every mile that I log in - and will be as joyful as I sprint to the end.

They are, undeniably, the most important thing in the world - aside from the laps, splits, and yes, crossing that finish line.
"Well, there's a lot more to racing than winning." (Cars, 2006)

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