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To the SEED Class of 2011: A Toast to Your Bright Future

I am stopping by the pavement to re-lace and to give way to my graduation message to the batch 2011 of SEED Foundation Academy, a TESDA-accredited night school. This batch were the last to see me before I left Southville International School and Colleges a year ago. It was there where they do their on-the-job training by day and school at night.

Nope, I am not the guest speaker on your special night (although I do wish that someday, I would get invited). But since you are the last batch of SEED students that I got to interact with, I somehow find the urge to give you a graduation message. It is not going to be downright serious. I am going to be the same me – as if talking to you face to face.

Zarah, Shiela, Candy, Liza, Lea, April – these are the names of the SEED students that helped me survive my five years and seven months of training and development work in SISC. Some of you may know them. They are the faces that for me, gave light to who a SEED student is – vibrant, dependable, inquisitive, go-getter. Because of them, I was able to put everything in order in my work.

Their vibrant attitude made me never forget to smile amidst the work that, sometimes, got taller than me.

They were very dependable – there were days when I needed to be out of the office but the work I gave them were superb – as what I have expected.

They were inquisitive – they may be shy to approach the speakers that I invited, but they always took the chance to ask me questions. They were also fast in finding the best possible solutions. They were a bright sunshine when I thought nothing could be done.

They were go-getters – I do not say “right here, right now,” as Ms. Marj is the only one who can say that (although everyone in SISC say that, too, nothing could be compared to her) to my SEED students. But having known how I worked, they never stopped until they get what I wanted for the work to be done.

Yes, SEED students – you are vibrant, dependable, inquisitive, and go-getters – and I guess I am speaking for the rest of the community that we are grateful for everything.

Because of you, everything was all in a day’s work.

Because of you, we had less sleepless nights.

Because of you, we were able to know if we are doing the right thing on our jobs.

Because of you, we continue to thrive for the best.


I believe that their future - like their smiles - is going to be bright.
I hope that you keep these same qualities as you go on your next phase in life.

I am going to tell you that it will not be easy, as not every place is like your home or SISC.

You may get somewhere tougher.

Others very laid back that it’s so boring.

Moreover, you will get somewhere where you will say, “I need to learn more so that I can achieve more.”

Still, you may also get somewhere where you will ask yourself, “Why did I get ever in here?”

Hey, I told you it’s not going to be easy.

But whatever you will go after this, always remember your qualities.

Continue to be vibrant. Be a breath of fresh air. Be innovative.

Continue to be dependable. Work and learn as if it is the last day of the world. Be trustworthy even when most of the people aren’t.

Continue to be inquisitive. Don’t stop because the others said so. Never cease to learn – life is all about lessons. But when you do learn, please pass it on.

Continue to be go-getters. Know the rules and respect them. But in some cases, do not be afraid to defy them. In case there may be a time when you have to step on your brakes, do not let your dreams die.

As I finish my would-have-been commencement address, I also whisper a prayer for you, so that the Divine Providence will continue to bless the work of your hands.

So that aside from holding on to the qualities that you have, you will never forget the people that helped you get through this phase (fantastic job, SEED Faculty!).

And as you climb the ladder of success, you will never forget to share what you will have. I believe it will be abundant.

The future is bright, SEED Class of 2011. Be ready to walk the path (or even run on it).


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