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One of my runner officemates sent me an SMS about his barefoot experience.

He said that he ran at the sandy shoreline of Atimonan, Quezon (a province in Luzon).



When we got the chance to talk about it, he said he went there to accompany his wife to visit her ailing grandmother.

The house in Atimonan is just few meters away from the beach.

When he saw the shore, he couldn’t resist it. He removed his shoes and ran. His guess was he ran 10K.

“What an experience! I hope you get to have the same type of experience, too.”

I was happy for him – not an inch did I feel any jealousy about the beach running that he did.

Because I believe that soon, I’d be able to go back to the road, join a race, and feel that runner’s high again.

Honestly, while he was telling his barefoot experience, I was already envisioning the scene.

But I’m the one who’s running.

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