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Runrio has released their latest newsletter. REXONA RUN!

I will never forget Rexona Run last year. It was there where I did my first 5K, and the first time I saw Afroman (man, everybody LOVES this guy).

I am praying to all the saints that I'll get that elusive RUN signal from the doctor so that I could register for this. Because, yes, with this project run that I'm doing to evaluate my knees, I'm starting to prepare for my real comeback! Woopee!

And my dad said his second bottle of Rexona (I got it from the freebies last year) is about to be disposed. I need to get him another one.

Never mind if I don't get to go to the Great Wall of China.

Details here:


  1. kami gumawa ng poster at tvc nyan ulit :-)
    - carlo

  2. Hahaha! I knew it, Carlo! That is THE best reason for me to join. You did it again! :)