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PeñaRUNzi has just been given a new name.

In the school where I formerly work, I used to be greeted by very friendly teachers.

One of them was, let’s call her The Original Sunshiny Rainbow.

If you would get to meet her, you will know why I call her by that name.

She was the one who would greet with more energy than the others – and smiled widely and meant it.

Before, when I was branding myself as Edna Mode (the fashion genius behind the costumes in the movie, The Incredibles) – I looked the part before – she was there, as effervescent as the sun. She would shout, “Hi, Ms. Edna Mode!” while swinging her hair sideways.

The Original Sunshiny Rainbow was all about positivity – her sincere smile endeared her to her students, while her intelligence brought her many opportunities at her door.

We got to work for a month when I was on my last few months in the school. It was a humbling experience to have worked with her – she was still the all-bubbly self despite all the stress of the work that we were doing.

Then, I another job somewhere else. I resigned.

Months after, she her own opportunity (and got married, too!)

We parted ways.

Thanks to Facebook and cellphones, we still got to keep in touch.

In one of her many SMSs, she told me to “shun the negative – feel the positive vibe.”  After all, I’m Sunshine-y Rainbow for her.

Since I got into running, she was one of the first people who have cheered me on. She’s not a runner (hhmm, which gave me the idea of inviting her soon), yet she took the time to put comments on my running-related Facebook status. She lets me feel that I am somebody who can achieve something.

And with that, she re-arranged the name she gave me.

Here's the snapshot of Ms. Original Sunshiny Rainbow's birthday greeting.I got a new monicker: Sunshiney RUN-bow.

Geesh, I felt like buying a runner shades immediately!

To The Original Sunshiny Rainbow, thank you for letting me remember that there will always be a rainbow after every rain. My future in running – and everything in life – has never looked so bright.

Move over, negatrons. the Rays of Sunshine are in for all positivity.

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