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Three-day weekend has come and gone.
For runners who work five days a week, a three-day weekend means freedom to run. It doesn’t matter where or if you’ve got company or not. It is an opportune time to lace up and make a dash.

What I did was to lie down or read books.

Don’t get me wrong. I love reading. I now wish that I have another set of eyes so that I could read and grasp more learning in one sitting (Remember, I got three books to finish!).

I had to sit down this long weekend to rest from another suspecting injury that I have.

Last Sunday (the day after my last thirty-minute run), I felt something was squeezing my lower back. The squeezing is painful that it went down to behind my legs up to my feet.

The leg and feet pains lasted for two days. But as of this writing, whenever I sit down, I experience frequent pins and needles. At least I don’t feel pain whenever I sit down, as compared to my experience last November 2010. During that time, I sometimes wished I could stand up inside the jeepney.

So here I am doing the same thing all over: I’m resting. I’m resting as if I have run a marathon.

When in fact, what I have logged in for the last two weeks was a mind-blowing, earth-shaking, and embarrassing two kilometers.

I wanted to go back to the doctor one week after he saw me (in the previous blog, I told him about the pins and needles. I chose the medication part first; he told me to come back after two weeks.). Early in the week when I was feeling the pain, I was agog to go. I need to be healed; it’s already June and I can’t even run for an hour!

But when the three-day weekend arrived, I just told myself that I’ll stay at home.

I got a lot of reasons for not going.

It’s hard to travel when it rains.

I need to catch up on my reading.

My next schedule to the doctor’s really next week. I hate doing surprise visits.

I know that if I go to the doctor, I’ll hear the same thing again: “You’re injured. It’s caused by… You need to undergo therapy for X weeks. You can’t run.”

Hail to the three-day weekend.

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