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During these times of not running, my fingers are making a mad dash to earning online.

It’s been three weeks since I have run. It was only thirty minutes but it was precious. I learned that my knees are already well.

But then, I felt my lower back ached. It took two days for the pain to be gone. Moreover, I felt pins and needles up to my feet.

So sadly, here I am, contemplating on another possible injury. I have already set a schedule to see my doctor.

Scary thoughts have started to lord over my brains: What if the injury is worse than my first bout? What procedures will I have to undergo? How many months do I need to wait until I can finally start running again?

What if I will never get to run for the rest of the year?

What if I will never get back to running forever?

As I was about to succumb to loss, I checked my e-mail. I have received lots of e-mails from, an outsourcing website. It was then I realized that I do have an account there. I started to scroll down the possible outsourcing projects that I could do.

Then I thought of something: Since I can’t run for now, why not give this a shot? Making money through the Internet - especially blogging - has been possible for a few years now.

I have come to think that making money blogging and running are mostly the same. If someone wants to start making money through blogging, he/she has to set aside time for learning.

It is the same for running – a runner reads running stuff, does research, joins running clinics, and even keeps a log diary.

If someone is dedicated to earn money through blogging, he/she must be equipped of the necessary tools.

It is the same for running – a correct pair of running shoes, comfortable running attire, and a safe road is what you need.

If someone wants to make money through blogging, he/she must have the right attitude, discipline, motivation, and faith.

Guess what? It is the same with running.

So even if I have not been running, my fingers are making a mad dash to earning online.

Besides, it is hard to invest on running gears if I do not have the moolah.


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