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"Just slowly increase your mileage," Dr. Sarmiento said.

This was what he said after he listened to my project run report. I told him that I did thirty-minute runs for three days (June 1, June 4, and June 11).

Before that, he checked both my knees.

As he was writing the results on my record, I dared to ask the pins and needles that I'm experiencing.

He asked me to choose between medication and therapy. I told him that I'll try medication first, so he gave me his prescription: the ultimate thing that has been my savior - Vitamin B.

He told me though, to be back after two weeks.

Well, I was expecting a "Congratulations-PenaRUNzi-you-may-start-running-again" line from my doctor. I never got that.

But that line just kept playing on my brains as I left the building.

And I never bothered hearing it again and again.

They sounded like "RUN!" to me.

Rehab Door by PeñaRUNzi

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