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PeñaRUNzi is now on Twitter!

This is my third account on Twitter. I deleted the first two accounts because I got tired of following people.

PeñaRUNzi's now Tweeting! :)

Now, I opened a new account as PeñaRUNzi. You may officially call me as Twitter's Prodigal Daughter and I won't mind.

I decided to try it for the third time so that I could follow runners, athletes, Olympians - even magazines or sports brands.

I hope it would motivate me as I continue to do running (for a fact, Running Quotes has been doing its job.

Never mind the hash tags (which I don't know how to use until now).

PeñaRUNzi's profile

A day after I opened my account, there was already one follower.

I don't mind not having a lot of followers. Honestly, I don't mind if no one follows me.

As long as I can describe my feelings as a runner in one hundred forty characters (or less), I'll be fine.

PenaRUNzi's shoes now has bird wings.

Care to follow the runner?


Run with me!!/penarunzi

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