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First of June. I ran. FINALLY!

I was able to win over Something Inside Me.

Fifteen minutes after I arrived from work, I was out of the house and started a five-minute walk.

Then, I did fifteen seconds running and fifteen seconds walking for ten minutes.

I slowed down to finish by walking again for five minutes.

So officially, for the first day of June, I ran (and walk) for a total of thirty minutes.


Although Dr. Sarmiento said that I need to check if my left would hurt, I just focused on the proper running form, how my feet landed on the ground, and my breathing (and yes, the view in front of me).

I think I was able to do seven rounds in our village (with a humble 350 meters per round, please just do the math. If you notice, this blog has too many numbers already.).

I was happy to have finally run on the first of June.

Never mind if I can't remember my password of my RunKeeper account.

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