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Of rain and running

With the rains all around us, I remembered a famous nursery rhyme back when I was a kid. I tried putting a twist to it this time, though, to make myself sane:

Rain, rain go away!
Come again another day!
PeñaRUNzi wants to play.

It’s been four days since I saw the sun. I miss it.

It is in this time that I realized something: I really do not like rainy days (especially if there are lots of it).

I would always like to see myself in a beach – my eyes feasting on the view of the sea – with my running shoes hanging on my left hand’s fingers.

My feet, just finished a run, enjoying the heat of the sand and the pristine calmness of the water.

What will I be wearing? I’ll let you think of that to make you sane (wink).

I have experienced running in a drizzle once and it was fun (and cold). But maybe it’s going to take me some time to decide to run in the rain again (especially if there are lots of it).

For now, I’m going to recite the rhyme again and again, until the sun sees its own light shine.

And I can start running.

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