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One of my officemates brought some of her hubby's finisher's medals.

The one thing that I wanted since I started running: a finisher's medal. Imagine my happiness when I placed these medals on my office table.

My officemate, whom we shall call Marathoner's Proud Wife, learned about my frustrations and aspirations about running.

She told me that her husband, a lawyer in profession, is a runner. In fact, he belongs in a running club and has few marathon finishes under his belt.

Wow. Cool.

And so she brought some of the medals in the office. I felt my work clock stopped.

She said that the 2011 Condura Skyway Marathon medal is currently at lost in the midst of her kids' toys.

I proudly wore the medals that she brought - as if I ran each kilometer of each run.

Heavy if you ask me - but I didn't mind.

Marathoner's Proud Wife laughed, "Those are heavy!"

I replied with a wide smile (with my braces showing, as always).

I didn't mind their heaviness.

Marathoner's Proud Wife and PeñaRUNzi with the finisher's medals. Don't worry, we went back to work shortly after this. :)

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