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I responded to Javy Olives’ appeal to help breast cancer patients.

Months ago, Olives, a triathlete, posted about his craziness in running through his blog. He is set to join Ironman in China come June 2010. This time, he made an appeal to run every kilometer for breast cancer patients – a cause close to his heart because she has a sister who was diagnosed with the said disease (and now cancer-free).

It’s like saying he might be exposing himself to a lot of dangers of the Ironman but with a good purpose. So it won’t look like craziness to others.

After seeing it through The BullRunner’s blog (and Olives’ blog, too), I pondered: hey, I’m not running yet, so I got spare money to give.

And so I scheduled a run in the bank to send my help. I immediately sent to his e-mail a copy of the deposit slip. Then I logged out from my e-mail.

Here’s the surprising reply that I got:

"Believe, and you will achieve." I'll never forget that, Javy! All the best!

Honestly, I never expected such a reply. Thanks, Javy, and goodluck to Ironman.

Wow, a triathlete answered my e-mail.

This is crazy!

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