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I have logged in another day of running since June 1.

Last Saturday, I got out of the house gate at 7:10 AM (sun’s already giving the heat!), did a five-minute walk for warm up, then a 15:15 run-walk.

Then, I did two rounds of fartlek.

After the run, I checked my stats: I ran a total 2.45K, for twenty-five minutes.

Since this is still part of the run project that Dr. Sarmiento instructed me to do, I never focused on how fast I ran. I again focused on my running.

I realized that I am now more conscious of my posture.

I am now more conscious on how my feet landed on the ground.

I felt lighter as I told myself to run light.

I might have failed to go back to his clinic that day (I don’t want to get caught in the middle of last-minute-back-to-school frenzy), but I know that I have been gaining good feeling about my run project.

And I hope it would turn out to be way better than I expected.

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