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Here's a wonderful thought from Olympian Jeff Galloway

I got this from Jeff Galloway's newsletter (I'm really saving up for one of his books). May this inspire you on this bed weather day (in the Philippines).

You determine how much you run and how much you walk.

One of the wonderful aspects of running is that there is no definition of a "runner" that you must live up to. There are no rules as you do your daily runs. You are the captain of your running ship, and it is you who determines how far, how fast, how much you will run, walk, etc. While you will hear many opinions on this, running has always been a freestyle type of activity where each individual is empowered to mix and match the many variables and come out with the running experience that he or she chooses. Walk breaks can keep the first-time runner away from injury and burnout and can help veterans to improve their time. 
 - From Mental Training for Runners, How to Stay Motivated

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