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While I was out from running, the running gods smiled at these two new runners.

They are both my friends from the school where I worked before. I’ll call them Streetboy and Miss Wonderama.

I think they never got to meet; Streetboy left the school years before Miss Wonderama got hired.

Their only common denominator is Me (imagine me doing a Tyra Banks smize).

Believe me, I never imagined that they would get to run. I know that Streetboy (a fantastic video editor and a father of two girls) is a good basketball player – and is crazy about it.

Here's a snapshot of Streetboy's status after his first 5K run. I think his necxt target is Mizuno Run.

On the other hand, Miss Wonderama, is a teacher who enjoys the madness of her students’ innocence. And uh, I consider her the Queen of Social Networks (she post Facebook status, tweets, and blogs at the same time – okay, I’m kidding).

Here's Miss Wonderama's piece of Facebook thread. Congrats, new runners!

But hey, look at me – I’m an employee who’s trying to be a future work-at-home boss with a lot dreams occupying her mind. Am I not different from them?

Because of the new converts of the mad dash, I was again a witness to how running gods can bite you like a vampire, suck out all the negativities that you know about running, and make you feel good about it by making you lace up and cross the finish line.

To Streetboy and Miss Wonderama, and to all who just got bitten by the running vampires: welcome to the mad mad world of running!

I hope you enjoy your stay.


  1. aww, thank you, i was truly inspired by you! =) following you now! cant wait to read your posts and once again, thank you for reading my blog <3

  2. You also inspired me to let my fingers run in the keyboard. God bless!

  3. thanks ann!minor correction:i only have one daughter. the next one's still on the works. keep me posted on new blogs. hope to be inspired and write my own blog too.

  4. Hi Papapao! Oh, my mistake. Sorry for that. But I do wish you'll have another kid on the run soon!

    Have a great run!

  5. Ayaw kong tumakbo... nakakapagod.

  6. Hi Anonymous. :) But you play basketball (and to tell you honestly, you're fantastically good at it), which entails a LOT of running. ;)

    I hope I'd get to see you on the road soon. :)