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Runner’s Diet?

Take this: papaya, mango, and calamansi (juice). Yum.
I have been eating fruits for dinner for the past month.

Okay, I only eat papaya, pineapple and bananas.

But that is way beyond different from my dinners before.

I used to eat rice even if it’s already eight in the evening.

Imagine the heaviness that my stomach still gets in the evening – and I don’t get to burn that anymore because the only things I do was to watch tube and sleep.

It was not easy changing my dinner eating habits.

I just realized one day that as an active individual, I need to be more conscious of what I put inside my body.

Also, the summer heat’s getting into my nerves. It’s hard to eat big on summer nights.

I don’t know if you can already call it runner’s diet.

You try, you decide.
With pineapple and mango (again!). Yum yum.

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