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Goodbye, Summer. Here's a poem from me to you.

Runners in the Rain by PeñaRUNzi
A Recovering Runner’s Poem as She Bids Goodbye to Summer
Summer’s gone and I didn’t get to run
Oh, I missed the fun!
Of pounding pavements and runner’s high
Thinking about it makes me do a sigh.

I only did a trial dash one day in April
The next day, my knee sensed something surreal
Suddenly, I had four unexpected therapies
And the doctor said, “Hang the shoes until you’re ready.”

I have been raving to run; I have been yearning to sprint
But all I did was to watch and sit
See my friends as they turn up the heat
Race to the finish line for more repeats.

As I sit by the gap to watch the rain fall
I looked at my running shoes, leaning by the wall
I told it, “summer’s gone and I never got to run
Oh, I missed the sun.”

“But…Hey, what do you think of running in the rain?”

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