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The truth about Runnr

(I wrote this last February 14, 2011.)

Gait analysis (like this one in Runnr) helps a runner determine his foot type  and foot strike.  (source:
I finally got inside Runnr (BHS).

Being one of the only two stores in the country (the other one’s in Cebu), I find this specialty store elusive.

It was a dream came true – I felt so blessed for accomplishing a lot in the first one and a half month of the year.

I felt like I am now more ready to face all terrains once I got inside.

The one thing that I have been waiting happened – undergoing footwork scanning and gait analysis.

Footwork scanning guides a runner to identify his feet type, while gait analysis would be able to check how he really runs – and eventually would aid in choosing the right shoe.

With some assistance from one of the Runnr staffs, I stepped on a big pair of feet beside the treadmill for the footwork scanning. I was asked to stay there for thirty seconds (barefoot).

First surprise: my foot is medium arched. I thought I was flat footed.

Second surprise came during the gait analysis.

I was asked to run for fifteen seconds (thank goodness that it was only for a short time, as I don’t fancy running in mills). As I ran, a computer recorded the movement of my feet.

Second surprise: when I watched the replay, I saw my right foot – it was overpronated! To the max!

Aarrgh! It was like watching a nightmare.

All smiles. Finally!

You should have seen my right foot (darn how I wished I got to take a shot of it). It looked like it was broken. I realized that’s how it looks like every time I run!

I’m thankful that my left foot do not overpronate much.

But the nightmare has been etched on my mind. I can now say that the lower back pain that I had months ago could be blamed on this. It has to be corrected.

As a medium- arched cutie (sorry I had to add that; I need to move on from the nightmare), I should be wearing stability shoes. When the Runnr staff checked my Avia shoes, I realized that I have been wearing motion control.

And so I decided to check some stability shoes. The Runnr staff politely gave me some recommended shoes, with two models that I got to try while running on the treadmill. I hope to go back for my chosen pair soon.

It was really one nightmare after the other (and it was high noon!). But visiting Runnr helped me realize that if I’m going to do this running for the, err, long run, I need to go for the correct running shoe, run with them, and be happy running.


  1. Hi, did you buy any pair? Are you allowed to do the gait analysis without having to buy any shoe?

    1. Hello, Anonymous. I did not buy a pair of shoes during that time. Gait analysis is a free service of Runnr/Toby's (which I think is awesome) because it allows you to 1) get to know your feet and 2) filter shoes based on your needs (because there's a lot).

      I did buy in another branch after choosing the best brand for my foot requirements. Thanks for asking!