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Knee Therapy: Session 1

I really hope it was surreal, but it’s not.

A month ago, I was looking forward to blogging about my Project: Comeback Run training. The days I log in, the kilometers I’ll record, and how I feel about each training day.

But then, I’m showing you the first session of my knee therapy.

I wanted to laugh.

Such is life.

But I am positive that every session I attend, the closer I am to getting better.

Since I have been treated from carpal tunnel and lower back pain last year, the procedure was not new to me.

My left knee after the cold gel has been wiped out.

The machine that would hopefully bring my knee to life (err, not to mean have its own
Heat (and a li'l bit of electricity) for 15 minutes. Reading Donald Trump's book while my left knee was covered.

I was asked to pedal and do walking for ten minutes each. The physical therapist told me
to inform him if my knees would hurt. It didn’t.

Huh! Headless! (kidding.)
May I ask you a favor?

If you’re reading this now, if it’s not too much, would you please whisper a little prayer for me?

I believe such whispers, no matter how quiet, will reach the doors of heaven.

And I will be well.


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