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In the age of everything digital, I came up with a Running album.

Yes it is - it's a photo album of Runner Me!

This is the short introduction that I placed inside.

Happy reading - and Happy Easter, too!

“Why running?”

This is the usual question that I get from people once they find out that I am a runner.

Runners have different reasons why they run.

Others run because their friends or colleagues run.

Still, others find a sense of achievement in running.

Some others run to break records and defy their limits.

For me, I believe that running will make me live one more day. I want to live longer for my family, friends, and community. I believe that at each foot strike, I can make a difference.

It has my certificates... least two to three pictures of the event ...

...details of the event, who I was with...

Moreover, running made me realize that I can do really something good for myself – without any pressure from people. Running taught me two things – discipline and patience – something that I thought I already lost while battling the real world.

... and even my bib numbers!

With these in mind, I decided to create a photo album for the running events that I joined. In the time when all photos are kept in CDs, USBs or in My Pictures of our computers, I painstakingly put together some shots every run. I want to see myself happily posing after every finish line because I never want to forget the feeling that I had. I also want to remember the people I was with because they made my run fun.

I chose to document my runs because, well, I’m in it for the long run.

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