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I gave another fun run slot - for the third time.

Goodbye, Greentennial.
I know. I promised myself that Greentennial Run will be my comeback run.

But due to the doctor's advice after my knee therapy ("No running yet."), I found myself sighing for the third time.

The next thing, I was again thinking to who should I give my race bib and would-have-been my first-ever technical shirt.

Don't get me wrong. I don't register and then give it to others. It's nice to give these for free, but I don't plan to give them away EVERY TIME.

It's just that I have to abide doctor's advices. No run is worth it if I get injured again.

I believe I can still run - running is for me. It just might take a little going back to basics (walking for 30 minutes until gradually inject running) and reviewing what I have learned from the clinics.

I'm still sad, though. I was thinking that I'll get the runner's high again after coming from my Hong Kong trip (more on this soon).

Maybe not yet.

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