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Dear May Fifteen,
People may look at you as pay day because you’re the fifteenth of the month. Others may also look at you as a day to remember for parents and students – they need to enroll, or even buy school supplies.

But I have always looked at you differently.

I remember you as the fifth day after my birthday. It is always in your day when well-wishers are still given the benefit of the doubt if they just greeted me. Friends who forget beyond you will be succumbed to eternal abomination (just kidding, I just remembered Lilo).

But then, since I started running, and you’re a Sunday this year, I could say that I look forward to the runs that will take place.

And boy, what races you have on your day. It would be a nightmare of sorts if a runner is not even counted on one of them (schedules from

1.    Highlands Mizuno Fun Run Challenge

2.    Run 4 Life 2011

3.    Goldilocks 45th Anniversary Run
       Bonifacio Global City

4.    CUMC Kidney Run 2011
       Cagayan de Oro City

5.    Intramuros Heritage Run 2011

Well, I guess for non-runners, it is the day they will get stuck in traffic.

For runners, it is the day when they will lace up in an ungodly hour – and maybe, beat their records.

But no matter what, it doesn’t matter to me if you have many races scheduled on that day.

Hopefully, I’ll be dancing with Mickey Mouse on your day (okay, maybe invite him to run around Disneyland. I wonder what type of shoes he would wear…).

You’ll always be the fifth day after my birthday.

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