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The truth about A Runner’s Circle

(I wrote this last February 20, 2011.)
If going from one running store to another is a sin, then I have committed a crime.

After many attempts, I got to visit A Runner’s Circle (Quirino Avenue, Manila).

A Runner’s Circle, owned by a Los Angeles-based Filipinos, opened its Manila store last October 2010. Its Los Angeles store is popular in the said US state because of their good service standards and their participation in the different running events.

I was assisted by the two ARC staff. I again underwent footwork scanning for the first procedure. My feet weren’t lying: they are really medium arched.

I was then asked to walk in a small and short walkway of the store (along the shoes).

Then, the ARC staffs asked me to lift my right foot to the back, without holding it. I was also instructed to not hold into anything near me. I obliged, and then I was asked to do the same to the left foot.

I slightly faltered to the left when I raised my left foot. The ARC staff told me: my right foot overpronates.

Huh?! They didn’t even use any machine to do that! I wanted to ask if they are mentalists, but before I slipped my tongue, they explained to me the complications of my right foot overpronating.

The ARC staff explained that overpronator feet needs a stability shoe. If not, it may cause feet injuries and lower back pain.

Now I know they’re not mentalists. They know their work well. It has solidified my theories of my lower back pain months ago.

Before they showed me their array of shoe brands, they assessed the size of my feet. The recommended that in looking for a stability shoe (for me), shoe size must be half-inch bigger than my feet size (I’m 7”, so I should wear 7 ½”).

I happily exited the store. Finally, after so many attempts, I got to visit A Runner’s Circle.

And since it’s near from my workplace, it will not be the last time I’ll be visiting it.

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