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I had to post this picture taken with the Futures of Running.

My aching left knee brought my spirits down (more of what really happened in the next blog).

Well, not really low. I remember a tear strolling down my right cheek. I’m really at my lowest if both cheeks are wet (that’s how fine actresses are trained, blink blink).

It got me telling myself that I’m always starting to run – I never get to finish my training program because I’m getting sidelined all the time.

That was when I saw these kids.

They are the children of runners that I have met. They, too, have already shared their passion for running.

They are so vibrant and energetic, it was contagious.
I felt my spirits were lifted up!

It doesn’t matter to me if they will leave me behind a race soon (I will be well, I believe!).

What matters is that we’ll see each other at the finish line.

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