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Cross Train Part 3

My third cross train fell during the Holy Week. My original plan was to run on Holy Monday and Wednesday.
But due to the knee sprain, I had to forego with the plan.

Honestly, it was in this week that I felt that I may not be able to continue – and finish – the Project: Comeback Run.

Geesh, talk about giving up on a Holy Week.

Good thing that at the start of the 2011, my mom and I decided that we are going home to the province – Macabebe, Pampanga, to be exact - for the Holy Week.

It was really a good thing: I forgot to be sad about my condition.

I haven’t gone back to the province since 2007. I never knew anything about running then.

Four years after, I looked at the roads differently.

Geesh, I realized I could run from the town of Apalit to Macabebe!

Here are some of the pictures that I took during my two-day stay for my cross train.

Going home has never been this good.

Going home - finally!

We found batches of motorcyclists along the road as they do Visita Iglesia (church-hopping)

The town plaza is soo near my grandparents' house - but I had to ride a tricycle every time because, well, I'm recuperating.

No need to run late for church - this chapel is in front of my grandparents' house.

They call this seafood "Ulang." Oh, if only I could borrow those legs...

With my cousin Almira. This girl has long legs, she could run faster than me...

If marathons have corrals, it is a must for houses to have corrals, too, especially if you have toddlers (they won't be able to get out of the house without you knowing).

PeñaRUNzi with her nephews and niece
This is the REAL cross.

A closer look at a Pabasa

PeñaRUNzi with her uncle and aunts - reunited after many years!

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