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I’m turning 30 in 5 days.

Has is been that long? I am about to reach the final stage of my spring.

I thought it would be symbolic to run my age, but then, I’m not yet prepared for that really long stretch (still have knee sprain to recuperate from).

I remembered years back when I was about to turn nineteen.

During that time, I never envisioned myself going beyond eighteen.

I thought of these silly ideas:

    Will I graduate?

    Will I have work after graduation?

    What if I will never be what I wanted to be?

    What’s going to happen to me?

    Will I die soon?

Now, as I remembered that time, I want to roll on the floor and laugh.

Yes, those were really silly questions. But it made sense to me then.

Because I was trying to prepare for my own path.

Looking back now, I see that the path I have created wasn't straight.

There were times the path was smooth, sometimes stony.

Even sometimes, it felt like a dessert.

There were times in my path where I crawled, I walked, I jumped, I did a handstand.

But I love the times when I ran.

If the would-be 30-year-old me will speak to the 19-year-old me, the former will tell the latter:
    Yes, you graduated; you’re even struggling to finish a master’s degree.

    Yes, you had work right after graduation, and you worked diligently every single day.

    Well, you never became a broadcast journalist. But you found love in human resources through training.

    Oh well, you became a teacher, too (a licensed teacher to be exact).

    And you became a runner. You didn’t think of that before (you only thought you will only be a sports fans forever).

    You were what you wanted – and more.

I'm excited for the longer paths that the 30-year old me will brace.

Oh, I can't wait to run it.

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