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Cover Girl

(Running Note: Everything written here were all figments of my imagination, inspired by my picture below. I wrote this last January 26, 2011.)

Who knows? This might be larger than life in the near future...

I arrived at the office one hour before the scheduled shoot. I have parked my Ford Mustang by the basement. Just as I gently slammed the car door, I heard the security informed somebody of my arrival.

By the time the elevator opened, two staffs from the Office of the Editor In-Chief greeted me in the welcome lounge. They accompanied me to another lift that would lead to The Room.

“I can't thank you many times for accepting our invitation and I won’t get tired saying it,” Editor In-Chief Marie Calica said after giving me a hug. “I won’t get tired saying that ‘the honor is mine.’ You’re welcome,” I said. She introduced me to the staffs that were present in The Room. She said that the photographer will be arriving in a few minutes. So while waiting, the EIC asked me if I would like to see the pictures that the other photographer took of me days ago in Ultra. I excitedly agreed and she left.

I stood at the center of The Room – on one side, an array of running shoes, shorts, compression tights, watches, and caps were neatly arranged. Beside them was a sequence list of today’s activity. On the other side was an area for the dressing room, hair and makeup (do they really put on makeup?)

On another side were cameras and computer monitors. In front of it was a big background wall, its blue color extended up to the floor.

I shook my head in awe – I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. I was actually inside The Room of Runner’s World, waiting for the cameras to click and lights to capture my smile (and my run).

I smiled in disbelief – I am just an ordinary person who loves running; now about to be in the next issue of Runner’s World.

I’m a cover girl.

After a few minutes, I was into full battle running gear – except that this time, I was wearing makeup.

Also, I wasn’t really prepping for a race. Instead, the photographer (who is my long-time friend) and EIC Marie were briefing me on what would we want to achieve for today’s photo shoot: Running is for everyone.

After the briefing, I stood in front of the big background wall. Lights were in full blast, like the sun smiling. I saw the camera a few feet away from me: its eyes about to capture my every move. I heard my photographer-friend say, “Okay, fun starts right now!” 

Automatically, I grinned and I started to pose.

I heard the click of the camera and the blast of the lights.

I woke up. The sunlight outside my window has touched my face.

It’s six o’ clock in the morning. It’s Saturday.

I smiled.

Gotta run.


  1. Hi Ann, nice one you have here. I too was a runner during my younger years. Even before the MILO marathon, (you can guess how old am I)I decided to run after I recovered from my 2 weeks confinement at the hosp which almost took my life. I cannot run anymore since I worked here in UAE. Gained weight. Perhaps I should go back again. Keep it up...


  2. Hi Sir Dindo. I hope you can go back to running. You may start doing walks, increasing your time per week. Then insert runs slowly.

    Will pray I'll see you on the road soon!