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This is Me - Now.

Nope, this is not JLo's previous album review.

I got this funny picture from Pinterest. It really made me laugh.

I'm trying to get up... :)

Well, I have to admit that I have not lift my shoe lace to take a walk. I wonder why I find it difficult now when it was so easy for me to go out before.

I really really really need some mind overhaul for my running life.

Well, hopefully, this notice from the Runner's World Running Clinic (I registered last month) will help.

Goodbye, Whitney.

Dear Whitney,

It is never too late for a fan to say goodbye.

Just like Michael and Madonna, I grew up listening to your songs.

There were days when I could reach your notes. There were also days when, well, I tried. I would rewind the tape (yes, I lived in the days of the old cassette tapes. I still have them, if you're curious.) and just listen to how you belt it out.

I sang your songs. I watched "The Bodyguard." I smiled when you smiled.

Too bad you were addicted to drugs and not running. Had it been the other way around, maybe this would never have happened.

But still, I join the world in celebrating your voice - and how it inspired me and every one.

I got too many favorite Whitney songs. But since my blog is about running, well, I imagine running towards Kevin Costner on this one.

Goodbye, Whitney.


I spent four weeks in total numbness. Six months later, I started running. I could only do ten minutes at a time, but I kept going because I knew that running would get me my life back.

         - Ryon Lane, runner who shattered his C4 vertebra in a 2008 diving accident
           (from Daily Kick in the Butt, Runner's



Starting this year, I have decided that all inspiring quotes from different runners, and even from other great people, be called Pacers.

I hope you find inspiration from them, as if the people who said it are running with you.

To start the year off, here's something from Scott Douglas:

If running is important to you, then your mind-set shifts from Can I find time for it? to When can I find time for it? You think in terms not of Will I run today? but When will I run today?

          - Scott Douglas, author of The Little Red Book of Running
            (from Daily Kick in the Butt, Runner's

Rekindle Your Love for Running

Geesh, talk about Valentine's Day...

As I am in the limbo stage of my running life, I chanced upon this article on rekindling one's love for running. It has questions that could help one (I think that's me) think about the reason for losing that connection with running.

Well, I guess running is just like human relationships. Some do get fall out of love, so one has to reflect on what happened.

If you are in the same boat with me, or just want to share a penny of your thought about my "struggling relationship" with running (I think that's a better term), please put it in the comments below.

Would really appreciate it.

These are My Confessions

from Google+

I have a confession to make.

I planned that I will do my walks every other day, with an increase of five minutes per week. I had hoped to finish January with 30 minutes walking. Come February, I planned to start inserting a few seconds of running.

I think I only have a total of six days of walking dates with myself last month.

Well, I guess I'm waaaaaayyyyyy too far from what I have planned.

This was the one fear that I  was worry about - since I sat down most of 2011 due to injuries. I would go back to the normal me, when running was not in my dictionary.

I don't want to say that I have fully returned to the normal. I planned to do it, right?

The situation made me start to ponder: is running really for me? Well, if not, then what?

And if it's not really running, what am I going to do?

I am currently in a limbo, but I know that in a matter of time, I will get pass through this.

I believe this is normal - people do get to stop at their path and figure out what has happened and how they will go on.

I hope to get over this and see myself on the road again.

Whether I wear my running shoes or not.

The most important battle is one to conquer yourself. - Yanni

It's beautiful, isn't it? :)

I saw this on A Runner Circle's Twitter account. I don't know with you, but it looks pretty to me!

Get your Brooks Pure Project NOW at @ARC_ph! Come by the store and try on now! You'll love it!
Get your Brooks Pure Project NOW at ! Come by the store and try on now! You'll love it!

Additional Registration Venues for Dash for Love

Runnr ATC and Toby's Glorietta 4 are now also opening its doors to those who want to Dash for Love!

Dash for Love
When: March 11, 2012
Assembly Time: 5:00 AM
Venue: Alabang Town Center
Categories: 3K, 3K (Kids), 5K, 10K
Race fee: Php 500.00 for all categories
Register at the following venues:
The Shoe Shop, Alabang Town Center
Reebok, Festival Mall
Runnr, Alabang Town Center (new!)
Toby's, Glorietta 4 (new!)

I don't think this needs an introduction. :)