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WWF's Reverse the Bad Run is on 9 September 2012

WWF's Reverse the Bad Run is on 9 September 2012!

I saw the World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) Reverse the Bad Run in yesterday. I thought this event pushed through last July. I tihkn they had to move the running event in September due to the weather conditions.

The WWF Reverse Run Team immediately sent their response when I e-mailed them if the registration is still open. Too bad this is too far away from where I live. When this was scheduled in July, the venue was in SM Mall of Asia. It would have been interesting to see my pictures running backwards!

Nonetheless, WWF is a great organization. This is a great way to support their cause. You still have until 3 September 2012 to join!

Here are details straight from the WWF Reverse Run Team:

The WWF Reverse the Bad Run is scheduled on 9 September at Venice Piazza, Mckinley Hill, Taguig. Registration is open until 3 Sept 2012. You can register at any of the following registration sites:

A. Chris Sports Branches
Branches: 1. SM Mall of Asia, 2. SM Manila, 3. Glorietta

B. Fitness and Athletics Company (F&A)
9th Avenue corner 28th Street, Bonifacio Global City

C. Skechers Branches
Branches: 1. Festival Mall Alabang, 2. Market Market, 3. Trinoma

You can sign-up online via:
You can pick-up your racekit from our WWF Satellite Office at 88 Corporate Center 141 Valero St., cor Sedeno Sts., Salcedo Village, Makati City.

Together, we can reverse the bad, move forward and ensure our children a living planet.

WWF Reverse the Bad Run singlet

Here's the event's teaser, with running (and lifetime) buddies) Marc Nelson and Rovilson Fernandez sharing their running prowess:

TBR Dream Marathon 4 online reservation is on September 1, 2012

                                          Source: via PeñaRUNzi on Pinterest

"You're NEXT!"

My friend Ken, a TBR Dream Marathon 3 finisher (you may check his marathon experience here), sent me that SMS message a few weeks ago. He meant me as the next person who's finally going to erase "finishing a marathon" off her bucket list.

Well, with the rate things are going, I can sadly admit that I'm not yet prepared to go for the long run. So I am just going to pray for the registrants to make it on the September 9 online registration (and they made up their minds 70 times before signing up).

It may not be the time for me to join, but I know someday (and that's going to be soon!), I'd one of the many who will wake up early to make sure I get to sign up. I just hope TBR won't stop giving the Dream Marathon even if she's already a triathlete.

Here are the details from The Bull Runner herself, based from her newsletter (where I'm subscribed):

TBR Dream Marathon is the first and only marathon in the world that caters exclusively to first- and second-time marathon runners.  Now on its fourth year, TBR Dream Marathon provides a unique, intimate, and fun-filled venue for runners hoping to achieve their ultimate marathon goal. In TBR Dream Marathon, every runner who crosses the finish line is a winner.

If you haven't run a marathon yet, then maybe you'd like to join TBR Dream Marathon 2013 on February 24, 2013 at NUVALI, Sta. Rosa, Laguna. 

Here are the 15 reasons why you should join TBR Dream Marathon 2013:

Reservation for only 600 slots in TBR Dream Marathon 2013 will open on SEPT. 1 at exactly 5:00 AM.  This will be on a strict first come, first served basis only.  For our last race, our slots were filled in 9 hours so, if you're thinking of joining, we highly recommend you get up early for this! 

For more info, you may click here:

Go, TBR Dream Marathon Batch 4! I'll be on the 10th (or 20th?)!

Suddenly Remembered…. It’s September!

I just couldn’t help but remember the song “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire. The song could anyone (including me) jump off their feet. I can still remember the dance steps of the song that were taught to us back in high school. Why not? September is just days away! It would mean it’s the last quarter of the year, and Christmas will just be around the corner!

And  then I also thought: September’s coming and I haven’t ran, even less trained, for my first 10K.

Shheessh! Time flies fast! I was just writing it in my 2012 plan last January! September is about to come and I haven’t scratched it in my plans! Aarrggh!

Can I list down my excuses here?

Well, first and foremost, I was officially 100% injured-free this year. I also just learned how to run properly this year. I focused on getting a part time online job this year (which I did!), as well as contemplated if I should re-enroll in my master’s degree or just forget about it. Moreover, I got busy with books to read and office work, that I was already tired by the time I come home. I just love 3Ks and 5Ks so much, I couldn’t get over those distances. And of course, the “I’ll just do it tomorrow” mantra that I still say made it worse.
Sheeesh! Too many excuses that got me nowhere!

I wonder if I would get to cross my 10K finish line this year. Just in case, it would go down as one of the biggest regrets of this year, if not my entire running life.
Well, I could still have a go on it, right? “Ber” months means I still got 122 days to train for my first 10K. I can still do it!

But then, December means Christmas, which means colder days and more food at every table.

Sheeeesh! Why did I suddenly remembered that it’s September in the first place?

I wonder if St. Francis of Assisi ran.

But anyway, he has taught about doing the impossible, which can also be used as a motivation in running.

Let's learn from this humble man today.

Happy running!

Meet my new running idol, Blade Runner


As what the Olympic experts say, after the exit of Michael Phelps enters the king of 100m dash, Usain Bolt. Bolt undoubtedly got the gold for the 100m dash with no sweat. But Oscar Pistorius, a double amputee born without fibulas in his legs, stole the show.

Oscar Pistorius is an inspiration to people all over the globe. If you feel so lazy to get up to run, remember this Olympian. He trained hard and fought hard to be in the Olympics. It would have been so cool had he moved to the finals of 400m, but for the Blade Runner (as he's fondly called), getting into the semifinals of 400m in the Olympics - not Paralympics - is enough.

What's our excuse?

Go to the story: via

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Posted via email from PeñaRUNzi

Imagine, Believe, Achieve.

A Better Run for the Veterans FREE RACE KIT Winners

Here are the winners who will join us tomorrow!

A BIG thanks to those who joined the contest!

Here are the winners of the A Better Run for the Veterans free race kits, with their winning answers!

It's an honor to run for the veterans because I want to share the road with courageous persons.

It's an honor to run for the veterans because they are people whom I consider heroes.

It's an honor to run for the veterans because they dedicated themselves for the Philippines.

The winners be receiving an e-mail on how to claim their free race kit.

Special thanks to God's Wind Events' power couple Alvin and Joy Mendoza.