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Who is PeñaRUNzi?

Hi. My name is PeñaRUNzi.

My name is a combination of my surname and the words paparazzo (noun) and run (verb). Nope, I'm not a celebrity life-sneaker by profession. But what I can tell you is that ever since I was introduced to running in July 2010, I couldn't stop talking, thinking, and er, running, about it.

PeñaRUNzi is for those who care to read about my journey as I cross the finish line - one correct foot strike at a time.

Tough Ten Things about PeñaRUNzi

1. Favorite Pre-Race Meal

Egg, rice, milk (I don’t drink coffee), bread, and banana. If there are other viands aside from the egg, bring them in.

I drink one glass of water 30 minutes before I do rounds in our village for 15 minutes. If I will run more than  15 minutes, I take a piece of bread with a slab of peanut butter.

2. Best Race Ever – so far

Sugar Rush Fun Run held last November 2010. It was my second 5K. There were only a handful of participants. The early minutes of the day was full of laughter because of my running buddy during that time (Eunice Ann Flores). I also felt that my run was slow but sure. To cap it off, I made a new PR for my 5K.

3. On the Other Hand…

After the 3K sign post at the Rexona Run held last August 2010, I suddenly felt coldness rushing from my head to hands. I started to walk after the said sign post, planning to do another round of run after that. But then, I felt dizzy. I got scared. When I saw a water station, I took a bottle of water. I drank and at the same time poured some water on my head. Unfortunately, I had to walk the last two kilometers of my first 5K run of the said race.

I immediately went to the first aid station after finishing the race. All my vital signs were normal. I left the venue alive.

The culprit: I only ate two pieces of bread and a glass of milk as my pre-race meal. Good thing I got to live another day to tell the tale.

4. Lessons Learned from Running

Anybody can run, inasmuch as anybody can eat anything. There are some things that has to be done right away. Running isn’t one of them, especially if you want to be the best. Running takes one step at a time.

5. When I’m not racing…

I am an 8-to-5 government employee. I am also trying to finish my master’s degree course in the University of the Philippines – Open University, so that I could teach. I am also learning to become a virtual assistant and an Internet marketer (

6. Investment and Cheap Thrills

My biggest investment so far is my New Balance 870. The cheapest is my black cotton shorts bought in Divisoria (thanks, Mom) for Php 30.00

7. The day I started…
I have been walking for 40 minutes for almost two months (May to June 2010). One Sunday morning, I decided to run one round. It caused me aching legs the next day and a wide smile on my face forever.

8. I dream of running
The Bull Runner Dream Marathon – it’s the marathon for first-timers. I hope there’s still one when I’m ready for the challenge.

Boston Marathon – the mecca of running. No need to say anything more.

New York City Marathon – I love this city. It is a fitting way to run on its streets someday.

9. Running and Traveling
I love to travel, too. I have been thinking lately – maybe someday, I could do both.

10. The most surprising thing that running did to me

I got to meet new friends and expand horizons (literally and figuratively). I am a self-confessed snob.

I never thought of myself as athletic. I could say that now, in my own little way, I am.

I learned how to listen to my body – I now understand when I can do another step and when to stop.

as of march 19, 2013